BidClips To Start Cloning Employees Instead of Hiring New People

A team of new Bidclip clones, ready to take your calls

A team of new Bidclip clones, ready to take your calls

On Thursday, BidClips announced that it has become the first customer service call center to completely eliminate the need to hire employees.  

BidClips owner Jimothy Evans told the Beet, “Training people from the ground up has always been the Achilles Heel of customer service. With our new patented cloning technology, we’ll never have to worry about that pitfall again.”

Gabe Howley, a veteran service specialist, received the honor of being the first to be replicated. “I was a little worried about my life being hijacked by a clone and nobody being able to tell. But one of the safety features we’ve implanted is that they are only able to begin conversations with ‘Glass Doctor, we fix your panes, this is Gabe.’ So that will be a dead giveaway obviously.” 

According to an official statement on the new BidClips website, each clone sold comes with a G12 Clone Hazard Guarantee, which insures unlimited clone repairs or a single clone replacement within 12 months of installation. 

One former employee who wished to remain anonymous, but gave the pseudonym Harth Gowley, had this to say about the company: “I can’t imagine this being cost effective at all. When I left, I told them they needed to hire, and now they’re pushing this clone program instead. Call me old fashioned, but I would rather talk to someone who wasn’t born yesterday.”