Skypoint To Finally Be Completed As Rollercoaster

A First Look At the Skypoint Coaster

A First Look At the Skypoint Coaster

The Skypoint Rollercoaster is finally scheduled to finish construction by Spring 2019.

The partially finished structure above the intersection of 2nd Ave. North and Broadway has sat abandoned since 2002, when the project lost all tax funding. In the years since, the ghost-town ride has become a way-point for downtown events and festivals.

Rick Heldt of A&E Architects, the firm that designed the coaster, gave further details about some of the special features that will be on Billings’ first downtown thrill ride. “The four sails will move gyroscopically for the duration of the ride, while the car moves along a figure eight track, much like an infinity symbol. This will allow the riders to feel a centrifugal force equal to what would be felt falling off the Rims.”

In a phone interview, Billings Mayor Bill Cole praised the finalization of the project: “Our downtown has been struggling for years. An amusement park ride is exactly what we need to revitalize our downtown culture. We’re proud to be able to designate the entire 2019 Billings Parks and Rec budget to this project, so we can prioritize it being complete before summer. We’re also really hoping that the youth population will prefer this adrenaline rush instead of daring each other to jump off the Rims. That’s become a real problem, and this is what we’re doing about it.”

Tickets are available for presale at the Downtown Billings Alliance for $18.77, in commemoration of the establishment of Billings.