KOA Outbids One Big Sky District; Downtown To Become One Big Kampground

an overview of the development area for the downtown KOA kampground

an overview of the development area for the downtown KOA kampground

On Sunday, Kampgrounds of America bought out the One Big Sky District project for complete control of the entire downtown area. In a press conference late Sunday night, Pat Hittmeier, CEO of KOA, announced, “The project will continue the lifestyle emphasis, but with KOA flavor. We can’t wait to unveil all that we’ve been imagining.”

Blueprint changes include: a permanent speed limit downtown of 5mph, log cabin exteriors on all downtown buildings, fully functional private cabins installed on every rooftop, every manhole cover retrofitted for RV dumping, and a public showerhouse on every square block.

Hammes Company, the One Big Sky District developer, praised the transition of the project. “We were realizing in our study that tents were way cheaper than brand new buildings for a district development, so we reached out to KOA to see what they thought. Plus Skypoint is basically one big tent already, so that clued us into where this project was meant to head. KOA is the perfect fit for developing downtown in the spirit of Montana wilderness.”

“What really clued us in,” said Hittmeier, “was a certain demographic already taking up residence in the outdoor areas of downtown. So many people were already taking advantage of space between buildings to sleep under the stars, spaces that are normally under-utilized. Frankly, it’s important to us that this project partners with what the community is already doing, so we’re really excited to have as much camping space downtown as possible.”

At the press conference, Billings Mayor Bill Cole also praised the decision, “We’re proud to have KOA headquartered in downtown Billings, so we’re really excited for downtown to become One Big Kampground.”