City Brew To Install Drive-Thru On Zimmerman Trail

the intersection of billings coffee culture and billings construction culture

the intersection of billings coffee culture and billings construction culture

Construction began on Zimmerman Trail in mid-July, with crews expecting the project to be completed by November. The initial plans that were released to the press included the installation of a roundabout intersection at Highway 3, a pedestrian path, and other civic improvements.

The newest blueprints, announced on Monday, have revised the entire project to be devoted to installing a City Brew Kiosk in the middle of the small, two-lane trail. Per Billings construction tradition, the project will cost a minimum of $252,000 of taxpayer money, take at least 4 months to complete, and will efficiently inconvenience at least half the city.

In an interview, City Brew representatives pointed to their incessant need for growth, due to being a company that isn't even owned by Montanans anymore. "We truly believe we are superior to every other coffee shop in Billings, and we feel driven to prove that by making coffee more accessible than ever. We know that Billings doesn't have nearly enough access to sour espresso, and the Rims in particular have a severe drought of convenient, burnt-tasting coffee. We want to change that."

The kiosk has several proposed locations along the trail. City engineers have suggested what seemed to make the most sense: placing the drive-thru smack dab in the middle of the road so everyone will have to get coffee whether they want it or not. Investors from City Brew have been advocating for placing the kiosk in the middle of the roundabout at the top of Zimmerman, which would be the world's first round drive-thru.