In Honor of The Angel Moroni, Billings Mormon Temple Changes Name to Billings Moronic Temple

the first church to show their dedication to moroni

the first church to show their dedication to moroni

On Sunday, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints of Billings, MT was reborn.

The Temple, commonly referred to as the Billings Mormon Temple, released a new style guide saying that they want people to change their terminology. The Billings Temple president (who is obviously a man, but wished to remain an anonymous man) announced during a service that members should no longer allow non-believers to use terms such as “Mormon”, “Mormons”, “Mormonism”, or “Latter-Day Saints.”

The formal statement outlined some of the reasoning: “We feel like the Lord has impressed on us a new name for His church. Our Spirit Brother Jesus Christ has revealed to us that we need to honor the true herald of our religion: The Angel Moroni. Our temple is adorned with a golden statue of this messenger, for revealing the Book of Mormon to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Therefore, our temple will henceforth be referred to as the Billings Moronic Temple, and our holy book as the Moronic Gospel. No other name will be accepted.”

The church said it is aware that this style change is likely not to be followed in popular usage. The Billings Beet will take special care to only refer to the congregation as the Moronic Church.