Billings Police: “The Billings City Bus is The Most Likely Vehicle to Be a Transformer”

An alleged “bus”, that local police have nicknamed “metATRON”

An alleged “bus”, that local police have nicknamed “metATRON”

On Monday, the Billings Police Department released findings from an investigation attempting to identify alien threats to the Billings metro area.

The investigation began directly after the release of the first “Transformers” film. Police Chief Rich St. John said in an interview, “That documentary made us extremely concerned for the well-being of Billings’ citizens, and we knew we had to join the fight.”

The investigative reports outlined the confusing nature of the Billings bus system, citing specifically that the buses seem to drive haphazardly around town, as well as not seeming to serve any functional use for the majority of Billings’ residents. Some detectives on the case reportedly witnessed outlying cases of teleportation, describing citizens disappearing and being transported to an entirely different part of Billings within a matter of minutes.

St. John highlighted a few key points of the BPD’s findings: “This ‘bus’ technology seems so ancient that it only makes sense still being here if an alien race appropriated it to seemingly blend in. We can’t seem to find any purpose for it otherwise.”