Gainan's Rebrands As Plant Parenthood


On Friday, the flower shop formerly known as Gainan’s found a new name to reflect its passion for universal plant access.

Jim Gainan, VP of Marketing and Sales, explained in an interview, “We just rewrote our vision as a company, and we felt like this name was reflective of what we provide to Montanans. We’ve always been a family business, and we want to help others in our community plan their plant families.” The Gainan’s website gives a more detailed description of this new vision:

“Plant Parenthood believes in universal access, without barriers, to cutting-edge reproductive care for all plants. To do this, it is our goal to provide:

  • Easily accessible seed control, at little to no cost to would-be plant owners

  • An environment in which all plant species are welcome and able to thrive

  • Plant parenting classes and resources, especially for young and first-time plant parents

  • Free plant screening for deformities and disease

  • Access to stigma-free, government-subsidized plant termination”

The Beet inquired whether this change was meant to reflect the growing number of Democratic voters in Montana, but Gainan’s only commented “We strive for a Montana where elected leaders support and publicly fund these services, where Plant Parenthood cultivates the next generation of leaders who will ensure universal reproductive plant care for all Montanans.”