Big Bear To Become Shooting Range


In an official statement made today, Big Bear Sports Center announced that it will reopen as the largest indoor shooting range in Montana.

“As a fixture in Billings for over 50 years, we’ve had the opportunity to see many changes. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the incredible way Montanans support each other. We first opened in 1959 as a surplus store, later growing to a fully functional outdoors and sporting goods store by the 70’s. About a year ago, we were struck by how great our space could be for target practice. We’re really excited to fill that niche in the Billings area.”

The 55,000 square foot building will be transformed over the next month to include several amenities: approximately 200 shooting lanes, over 50 semi-automatic and automatic rifles available for rental, over a thousand unique civilian shooting targets of various ethnicity, and an armored vehicle to practice tactical assaults. Big Bear representative Brett Taylor said, “With the help of our amazing employees, the support of our community and a little elbow grease, we’ll be back to business soon!” 

Police Chief Rich St. John praised the rebranding: “The BPD is excited to have a new space where we can practice our target accuracy. Big Bear is really stepping up the way they’re serving the community. The more accurate we can be as a police force, the more accurate we can be in impacting the people of Billings.”