Josephine Crossing To Elect New Cult Leader


In a unprecedented move, the commune at Josephine Crossing has unanimously voted to hold elections for a new leader.

In an interview, cult member Robert Smith praised the decision. “My wife and I have been members of the group for almost a year now, and it’s the best choice we ever made. The Crossing has been good to us.” During interviews, members of the commune kept making veiled references to “Making the Crossing.” However, when pressed, all interviewees refused to comment on what this referred to.

In recent years, the group has especially targeted young millennials looking for a ‘different take on life.’ As a part of this effort, the group has proselytized by throwing community concerts, or by dressing up houses with Dr. Seuss flair to attract more families with children that will be able to grow up within the commune. Local couple Tim and Sarah Legace were among a recent flock of converts the group has seen: “We were really attracted to the people. Everyone just loves each other here. We’re excited for someone who will lead us to make the Crossing.”

According to Dr. Julie Beicken, a sociologist at Rocky Mountain College, “this leadership shift is highly unusual of a cult this size. It will be interesting to see how the group makes the transition from an egalitarian authority structure to a more charismatic leader."