“Big J” To Face Gianforte In Wrestlemania 2019

two wrestling champions who will compete for “best montana fighter” later this spring

two wrestling champions who will compete for “best montana fighter” later this spring

According to an announcement from HOT101.9, Jason “Big J” Harris has officially begun spring training for his upcoming bout with reigning heavyweight champion Greg Gianforte.

Beginning his official training regime this last Saturday night, Big J says he’s ready to sharpen his skills for the ring: “I’ve been getting some solid practice lately, mostly working on my upper cuts and short range jabs so I can control people in a corner. This whole keto thing really helps get me in the zone too. Did you know I’m keto? I’m in the best shape of my life. I can take anyone. I’m not afraid of Gianforte. He’s about to feel the press punch back.”

KTVQ sports analyst Scott Breen has projected this to be the biggest match Montana has seen this decade. “Gianforte has successfully defended his title for over a year and a half, and he won’t go down without a fight. However, Harris has already proved in training that he’s just as capable of an equally vicious assault. If anyone is able to give Gianforte a taste of his own medicine, it’s him.”

Justin “McLovin” Hutchinson (formerly Big J’s producer) told the Beet, “I’m the biggest Wrestlemania fan in a twenty state radius, so it’s my job to know that it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Greg “Bodyslam” Gianforte take on a challenger. I think its smart of the station to give Big J a week off to really focus on training.”

Gianforte’s management team did not return a request for comment on the new fighter. HOT101.9 did confirm that the fight will exclusively be broadcasted on radio and not televised, honoring traditional Gianforte fight tradition.