Teen Suggests Grabbing Coffee At Off The Leaf, But Can’t Remember What It’s Called Anymore

The mystery coffee shop at 819 grand ave

The mystery coffee shop at 819 grand ave

On Friday, local student Paul Howes suggested that he and his friends go to a cool coffee shop to hang out. He initially suggested the coffee shop formerly known as Off The Leaf, but quickly realized he didn’t know what the current name was.  

 "Isn’t it called MoAV Coffee now?" one girl in the group suggested, before the token hipster of the group corrected her, pointing out that MoAV is a downtown shop. 

"Wasn’t it called Beyond the Cup, or Leaf, or something like?" said Howes in an interview. According to the group, the hipster again seized the opportunity to declare that "we don’t talk about that."

After 5 minutes of discussion, the group proceeded to get Venti Frappucinos at the Starbucks across the street.