Billings To Build Wall at Billings/Lockwood Border; Lockwood To Pay


In a political rally on Wednesday, Billings Mayor Bill Cole announced plans to erect a wall to separate Billings and Lockwood, and force Lockwood to fund the project. When asked for the primary motivations behind this wall, Mayor Cole kept pointing to Lockwood immigrants coming into Billings and securing employment ahead of Billings natives. 

Blueprints for the project have the wall bisecting the Yellowstone River directly down the middle, in order to minimize border crossings. The wall is projected to cost at least $1.25 billion. When reached for comment, the Mayor's office commented "The City of Billings puts no price on the safety and well-being of Billings residents. No longer will Billings be penetrated by the incivility and recklessness that is Lockwood." 

Update: in the time since this rally, Cole has made no formal policy or executive order to begin construction.