New Bozeman Ordinance: Residents Must Own At Least 1 Subaru

a sea of subarus in their natural habitat, during migration season

a sea of subarus in their natural habitat, during migration season

Starting Wednesday, Bozeman is enacting a new citizenship requirement: each adult over 18 must own at least 1 car manufactured by Subaru, or pay an annual environmental protection tax equivalent to that of a 2019 Subaru Outback.

The decision passed in a unanimous 7-0 vote. According to meeting minutes, Mayor Cyndy Andrus at one point was recorded saying “I really hope I won’t have to use my mayoral power to cast two votes, because this is too important to not pass.”

Dr. Tracy M. Sterling, Department Head of Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences at Montana State, presented several findings to the Bozeman City Council: “We all know that Bozeman residents who already own Subarus care the most about preserving the environment. And we already know that the Outback next to zero environmental impact, much lower than Tesla’s for sure. I’ve been talking with some philosophy professors, and we all agree that it is our moral imperative to have Gallatin County have the highest Subaru per capita rate in the nation. This is our opportunity to lead the way doing what’s right.”

One citizen at the meeting asked the council if all Subaru models will meet the new requirement, after pointing out that the new statute only mentions the Subaru Outback. Mayor Andrus was recorded answering “What do you mean other Subarus?”