Due To Shutdown, Gianforte Returns To Bodyslamming Career

Gianforte on top of opponent Ben Jacobs, May ‘17

Gianforte on top of opponent Ben Jacobs, May ‘17

On Sunday, Gianforte announced his formal return to the ring.

According to a spokesperson from Gianforte’s office, “We really want Montanans to see that Greg is still fighting his hardest against democrats, members of the press, and immigrants. What better way to show that than his old fashioned, Montana style wrestling?”

Gianforte became the first WWE athlete endorsed by the White House back in October, but has not wrestled since. Greg’s freshman fight (Gianforte v. Jacobs) was back in May 2017 in Bozeman, MT. The congressman told reporters, “This shutdown is really hurting all of us federal workers. I’m living paycheck to paycheck just like every other Montanan. I’m just thankful to have a side hustle to fall back on.”

A press release from his office highlighted that Gianforte will be bringing back some of his signature moves: The Phone Grab, The Wrist Twist, and his classic The Body Slam.