Study: Weather In MT Changes So Often That Geese Are Flying In Circles


Scientists from The National Weather Service released new findings on Montana’s climate this last Tuesday, describing a new phenomenon: geese are just flying in circles instead of migrating.

KTVQ Chief Forecaster Bob McGuire commented, “I’ve analyzed weather in Montana for nearly 30 years, and this is a most remarkable discovery. What’ll happen is, a cold front will move in down from the Rockies causing pressure change and seasonal temperature influx. And then we’ll get a warm gulf stream current that allows conditions to recede. It’s no wonder these poor animals are confused. But that’s just how it is in our neck of the woods. Back to the desk.”

The office of Montana Governor Steve Bullock released a statement responding to this scientific discovery. “We all know Montana is the most beautiful state in the Northwest. It’s no wonder that scientists are seeing Canadian geese coming down to tour as much of it as possible, from Glacier, to Yellowstone, to Great Falls. If I had a birds eye view of our great state, I’d fly in circles too.” Bullock’s office did not respond to a request for comment about climate change affecting the state.

Stephanie Abrams from the Weather Channel told viewers, “We can expect to see much more shade than usual across both sides of the state, leading to about a 50% chance of more droppings throughout the evenings.”