Local Prairie Dog Town Suffers 4th Mass Shooting This Year


On Friday, prairie dog families in the area mourned yet another mass shooting to decimate their tight knit community.

David Dogg, a local activist, spoke out at a protest/memorial: “It’s time for us to stand up and ban .22s. There’s no reason these weapons of mass destruction should be on the market. It’s one thing if someone is hunting for food, or even acting in self-defense, but these assault rifles have no place in our society.”

This is the fourth active shooter situation that the town has seen since the beginning of 2019. Since the incident, residents have started to call for a border wall being built around the town’s perimeter to increase safety measures.*

A spokesperson from the local chapter of the PDRA (Prairie Dog Rifle Association) told reporters, “The only thing that will stop a bad human with a gun is a good prairie dog with a gun. The last thing we should do is prevent this town from defending themselves against attacks. This is why we firmly believe that no dog should have to pass a background check if they have reason to believe they need to purchase a gun. This is how we’ll protect ourselves from malicious gun owners trying to invade Montana.”

*EDIT: since the publishing of this article, local police confirmed that the shooter was actually a known citizen of the township.