Study: Yellowstone Enters Menopause; Could Have Hot Flash Without Warning

A once temperate ground, now boiling with moodiness

A once temperate ground, now boiling with moodiness

Scientists studying the supervolcano released new findings on Thursday: the caldera seems to have entered menopause.

The study, carried out over the last 45 years, noted specific decreases in geyser formation, and longer duration between Old Faithful’s eruptions. “We don’t know how ready Yellowstone is for experiencing these changes in its topography. We fully expect some apprehension, and just a generally emotional landscape.”

According to the study’s results, the below-ground caldera is projected to experience sudden increases in heat regardless of above-ground climate. These sudden flashes of heat could lead to aggravated explosions, as well as internal environment material boiling to the surface.

A lead scientist in the study said, “Frankly, it will be a unstable environment. We should be scared.”