Trump/Kim Jong-Un Visit Yellowstone So He Can Feel Like A Normal Asian Tourist


On Saturday, President Donald Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in Yellowstone National Park, following Un’s request to fulfill his dream to be like every other Asian who visits the US.

“Kimmy and I have the best relationship,” Trump told reporters. “This is our first official vacation as world leaders. We just went through this whole small missile apology thing, and so I wanted to show him how special he is to me."

At one point, during their tour of Old Faithful, Trump briefly lost track of Un among the crowds, mistaking a tourist for the world leader for several minutes before Secret Service intervened.

When asked what he thought of the unique geothermal landscape, President Un inquired “so wait, if something caused this to erupt, it would have the potential to destroy the whole USA? That’s crazy!”